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Blackdown Hills Exhibition

The exhibition of my 20 year ‘Portrait of the Blackdown Hills’  at the Somerset Rural Life Museum  has now ended.  It started with some of the pictures from my original commission in 2002 when I was commissioned by the then ‘Countryside Agency’ to put together an image bank for the newly designated Blackdown Hills AONB which captured the ‘spirits and essence’ of the Hills.

I have now produced a limited edition of the a book of these photographs, if you would like a copy , available in hard or soft back – please contact me

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My photography has continued there ever since as it is such a fascinating area for the kind of pictures I love to take.

The exhibition featured 52 monochrome images and 2 colour – it covered portraits, landscapes and documentary pictures . It started  with the early ones taken on film  and finished with a set of ones taken recently  with a camera that has been modified to be sensitive to infra red light.

The images from the exhibition can be found here






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