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Sunny Day

A rare sunny day gave a chance to get out and about, but many routes are blocked by water around here still. The extent of the flooding is terrible.   I visited friends in Thorney affected by it  and had lunch with them sitting with our feet in the water.  There is no end in […]

Somerset Floods

I finally braved it today and went out to look at the terrible floods that are causing so much distress and concern in Somerset.  I went with Dan Alsop a very experienced drainage engineer and saw the problems that not having a tidal sluice on the river Parrett is causing.  The reason this river does […]

Marshwood Vale

At last a glorious day for a walk amongst the trees of the Marshwood Vale, early mist gave some spectacular views. A flock of sheep passed by, moving very easily with the help of a well trained though rather muddy dog.    An Angus bull posed for a picture as well .   

Floods and storms

I tried to get to Redhill to view the floods on West Sedgemoor but my way was blocked!! Have had tremendous days down at the coast and seen the sea in as wild a state as I have ever seen it.  It is hard to take pictures in strong winds and driving rain but I […]


My Grandfather Ethelbert, was a stoker on the Royal Yacht ‘Alexandra’ before the first world war. On a cruise up the Western Isles he was sent ashore with the 2 young Princes – Albert – the Queen’s father and Edward – the uncrowned- and told to amuse them. They went to a pottery where they […]

Ploughing match

Wonderful autumn weather and the most glorious location in Hinton Park made for a very special day in the local farming calendar.  The Crewkerne Young Farmers hosted the event which had a special class for veterans which included founder members of the club. The clouds and the soft sunshine gave perfect light for photography.