Somerset Art Weeks

Somerset Art Weeks,  18th Sept to Oct 3rd 2021 I am Venue 59 and will be open Weds – Sunday 11- 6pm.  or by appointment on Mon or Tues if you want a private look! Use e mail for contact.

I am showing an extract from my recent work ‘Echoes”.

This set of photographs is  the result of many hours and miles walking in the Blackdown Hills, I was looking for ‘Echoes’ of the hard times of the previous generations of farmers when most farming was done by hand. Many of the small vernacular farm buildings don’t translate to modern farming and so many are returning to the soil from where they came or being made into modern homes. Times are changing everywhere but perhaps here a little more slowly, it is a fascinating but challenging place to explore and an even more challenging place to take good photographs but so interesting!! The use of a camera sensitive to Infrared gives an artistic feel to the images

The Blackdown Hills lie between Somerset and Devon. In Roman times they were a barrier which discouraged the Romans from settling further west. They are formed from a plateau cut by 3 rivers, the Otter, the Yarty and the Culm. They are an area of poor, wet and thin stony soils and have been a very hard place to farm over centuries. The area is still known for its small farms and miles of narrow lanes. The traditional farm buildings and many of the houses and cottages are of a small scale, built of the local chert which is an attractive brownish flint. The stones lie in the fields and stream beds and were simply gathered up for use.

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